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Week 34 - The aftermath...
Subject: Week 34 - The aftermath...
Send date: 2011-04-28 17:40:28
Issue #: 37
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Let's get עִיתוֹן


Coming up this week:

  1. What we’ve been up to
  2. What happened on Kid Free Camp?
  3. Do something great
  4. Your Shiron needs you!
  5. Israel corner
  6. William and Kate - Mazeltov!
  7. Final thought

What have we been up to?

So todays update will take the form of a phonecall - hold your fake phone to your ear now please...

"Wow it has been a SERIOUSLY long time since we last spoke....yes...fine, yes good, how are you? Really? You enjoyed passover that much? What have I been up to? Well, first I went on this amazing event called Kid free camp. It was great, but it meant there was no newsletter that week. Yes i'm sorry I know how you love it. Aw thank you, i'm glad you find it the best newsletter around. Ok, i'll carry on, so on kid free camp all sorts of things were decided and we had an amazing time. Yes i'll put what happened in the newsletter this week. Then we had passover and the office was open and closed like Pharaoh's eyes blinking in the plague of darkness!!! However, we now are sort of going back to normal, although we've all been waiting for the WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeh, we're working on summer options and next years events. You've just received the newsletter and got to go and read it asap? Ok I understand. Bye"

(you are allowed to applaud here)

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What happened on Kid Free Camp 5771?

Madrichim gathered in a beautiful cabin to relax, swim, debate, learn, and decide the future of the movement.

  • We have a great new statement on Jewish Ritual
  • A brand new fourth ideological pillar, which we will be sending details about soon!
  • There were also some heated debates on when havdallah should be done on events (not before the sun goes down was agreed on), whether or not to introduce fish into camp (decided not), that there should be a yom veidah on every camp (decided yes) whether there should be restrictions on Friday night tzevet meetings to make them more shabbaty (not mandated) and many more.
It was a fantastic weekend, culminating in a vote on when Josh Martin’s haircut should be and how much money we could raise for charity in doing so, keep your eyes peeled for a just giving page!

Don’t miss out on next year’s veidah!!

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Do something great - Charity Bike ride

Do Something Great!

Get on your bike and do something good for yourself, your community and for charity by raising money for the Jewish Community Centre for London and Tzedek; two organizations heavily involved with Jewish Social Action in London. It’ll be a joyous ride, giving you the perfect opportunity to breathe the fresh air of the beautiful English country side, and arrive in the delightful city of Cambridge. It’s a great way to spend a day!

Building on the success of past JCC/Tzedek bike the JCC and Tzedek are working alongside UJS and RSY Netzer in order to make this a youth-led charity bike ride.

The Bike Ride

The route is 50 (or so) miles long and you’ll cycle through beautiful countryside and be supported by a team of professionals and volunteers along the way.

You don’t need to be a cycling professional to take part but you do need to be a competent rider on roads, over 16 and up for the challenge of a day’s cycling (whilst wearing a cycle helmet)!

Support Some Amazing Projects

You’ll raise money for Tzedek and the JCC Social Action programme. The money raised will go towards:

Tzedek’s ‘RAINS’ project contributing towards poverty reduction among women in Talame, Northern Ghana. The projects empowers young women living in poverty to build micro businesses through teaching entrepreneurial and financial literacy skill.

(a) The JCC’s Jewish Bee Project working to address the growing problems of declining bee populations. The project aims for the London Jewish Community to become self-sufficient in the production of Rosh Hashanah honey within five years.
(b) Developing the support services and Befriending Project the JCC runs with the Darfuri Refugee Community.

We are holding a pre-bike ride Q & A and safety briefing. Click here to find out more about this event.

Where does RSY Netzer Come in?

As well as helping with the planning and logistics of the event RSY Netzer will be providing support for all its members in their fundraising efforts. RSY Netzer will also be providing madrichim on the event to support all RSY Netzer participants on the day!

Useful Information

To be confirmed on booking.

To be confirmed on booking.

Price Entrance fee:
Minimum sponsorship: £100

Pre Bike Ride Q&A

Sunday 8th May


Alice House, 283-285 West End Lane, West Hampstead, NW6 1RD


Come and get all your questions about the Charity Bike Ride answered at a pre-ride information evening. We’ll be telling you more about the projects that the money you raise will support; providing more practical information about the route and how the day will work; and addressing any safety concerns you may have.

How do I sign up!?

Please visit https://www.jcclondon.org.uk/events/my_basket.php?action=add_event&wpId=1811 in order to book yourself and your friends on this amazing event!*


RSY Netzer will know when you have booked and will be in touch to support you in all your fundraising efforts.


If you have any questions please contact gideon.golstein@rsy-netzer.org.uk who will be happy to help.

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Your Shiron needs you!

RSY Netzer is going through an exciting revamp of the much loved Shiron in order to make it a book that everyone can enjoy that little bit more.

We would like to offer you the chance of designing the front cover in order to make the first thing people will see, exciting, beautiful and best of all designed by one of you!

Please send your designs and ideas to gideon.golstein@rsy-netzer.org.uk . If your design is selected it will be immortalised in the 5771 RSY Netzer Shiron for ALL TIME.

Also if anyone has any ideas for new additions to the Shiron Gideon would be really interested to hear. These additions don’t need to be songs but could be poems, prayer services, stories………

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Israel Corner

This week's Israel corner is provided by our beloved Guru Ezekiel 'Zeek' Jacobs. It is a shocking report on attacks on Reform and Conservative Synagogues in Israel. Please do take the time to read about it as RSY-Netzer will be taking a stand against this shocking development. Click here

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Congratulations William and Kate

On behalf of RSY-Netzer we would like to wish the happy couple all the success and happiness in their years to come. We are delighted that our royal family are able to rejoice and we too wish them a MAZELTOV! I just cannot believe is this the little boy I carried, is this the little girl at play? I don't remember getting older...when...did...they?

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Final thought

"We're going to the chapel and we're going to get married"

-The Dixie Chicks


Best wishes from the RSY-Netzer Team

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