Week 22 - Summer Applications Now Open
Subject: Week 22 - Summer Applications Now Open
Send date: 2011-02-03 18:12:27
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Coming up this week:

  1. What we’ve been up to
  2. Summer Applications now open...
  3. Kid Free Camp!
  4. The OC Cambridge
  5. Madrichim needed - paid position
  6. Israel Corner
  7. Final thought

What have we been up to?

This week, we’ve been working on getting everything ready for all our summer options. Whether that will be Summer kaytanah, doing Tour, Kayitz, Netzer-Russia camps, or even our old boy Shemesh – they all look really exciting. So Gideon’s been busy with logistics, Josh has been working on all the emails, Alma has been thinking about the education and themed aspects of the summer, and Richard and Kim have been working on Israel tour and Kayitz.

Thought for the week:

As for a thought this week, I thought we’d focus on something called The Finkler question. The Finkler question is a book by Howard Jacobson that recently won the booker prize (click for more info). The book follows three men, two of which were brought up as Jewish, and the third has encountered it through his friends and British society. The story is essentially one that looks at those who love Jews and those who distrust or even dislike Jews (including other, so dubbed ‘ASHamed’ Jews).

It makes us think of how we act as a community and how we are seen from the outside. Given the Jewish desire to develop communal institutions, youth movements, schools and so forth as well as have close families and friendships - we, albeit not necessarily intentionally, exclude others.  This, at its largest scale could even be said to be true of the Jewish state – when it chooses to focus on its ethno-religious nature.

In this fantastically written book, Howard Jacobson has put these issues into the public sphere. Given that the book won one of the most prestigious world-wide literary awards (the booker prize), countless people will read about the issues of inclusion and exclusion within the Jewish community and how events in Israel can cause shockwaves in Jewish-gentile relations.

Therefore, the book left me with a profound sense that non-Jews in our society need to have a positive experience of Judaism – both as a religion, and in the political form of Zionism.

As British Jews we cannot just hide away from the reality that many do feel uncomfortable with Judaism and Jews around the world, and especially with Israel. As young British, Zionist Jews, we have to show them that Judaism and Zionism can be fantastic with so much to teach, and also keen to learn.

So why not take some time out and show someone something great Israel’s done – whether that’s accepting thousands of African refugees when no-one else will or inventing some high tech thingi-ma-bobi; take the time also to accept many things the current regime are not so great – like the current investigations into left-wing groups the government have bizarrely dubbed anti-Zionist; take the time to show a value from Judaism, maybe a Friday night spending time and building community Jew and non-Jew alike; and show that Jews as a people, faith and everything are keen to engage with British society.

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Summer Applications now open...

You will find in your inbox your application to lead on one of our amazing summer events! There's loads to be involved with, and summer is a really exciting time for RSY-Netzer. So make sure you get your forms, cheques and all that jazz in by the 25th March (for madrichim) or 1st March (for Rashim, Rosh T's Rakaz hadracha etc).

If you havn't received an application you can download one here

Email us with any issues

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Kid Free Camp!

We're still not telling you all the details - just this!

It's going to be GREAT! Think aboukidfreecampt ideological conversations, tzevet kef gone wild, a chance to hang out, great peulot, chocolate shiffon pie by the truck-load!!! Excited? We are!

So keep the 14th-17th April 2011 Free in your diaries, and expect more news in the next few weeks....

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Going to University next year? - Well get at taste at the OC Cambridge

The OC Cambridge is all about exploring Jewish life at university. Over the course of a weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to have fun with RSY-Netzer bogrim (graduates), experience a student Shabbat and ask any questions you have about Jewish student life on various campuses. Cambridge has a thriving egalitarian Jewish scene and a very active Jsoc. These events are not just for those applying to Cambridge, they are planned to offer up a taste of student life for all RSY-Netzernikim with reps from UJS and Jeneration coming to talk about other universities.

What will we actually do?

Some highlights from previous years have included:

Tuneful Kabbalat Shabbat services

Jsoc Friday night mealS

Oneg inc. a cheeky game of articulate

Punting around the cam (google it)

Going to the theatre

Scavenger hunts around town

Late night discussions about student life and subject choices

Lots of eating!

So ask yourself, would Moses have come along? (we think so!)

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Madrichim needed - paid position

The Future Leaders Program is a 7-month leadership programme for 35 Jewish community activists aged between 15 and 16 from Europe and the Former Soviet Union. They will be hosting a seminar in London allowing the young people to meet each other, be introduced to the programme, receive inspirational leadership training and meet key figures in the UK Jewish Community.

We need Madrichim for this 6-day event in London.

  • Madrichim will need to be experienced youth leaders with a background in Jewish youth movements or similar.
  • Madrichim should have an interest in issues facing Jewish communities and leadership training.
  • We expect all of the Madrichim to be able to speak fluent English and we will give preference to those that speak additional languages. (Russian especially)
  • All Madrichim will need to be CRB checked for suitability for working with children.

For more information:

Deadline for applications is Friday February 25th 2011 though we will consider application as soon as we receive them

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Israel Corner

This week's Israel Update is Shlomo Avineri's opinion about what Israel should tell Egypt given all the problems out there. If you havn't been keeping up with all the Egyptian developments click here, and to see what Shlomo has to say about it click here

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Final thought

"He would come to school balancing his night's dreams like an acrobat bearing a human pyramid on his shoulders."
— Howard Jacobson (The Finkler Question)


Best wishes from the RSY-Netzer Team

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